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the quest for good gloves, part 2 [Aug. 31st, 2006|07:41 pm]
Economic Patriotism


Well, I ordered those gloves in the above-mentioned post. I ordered a pair of welding gloves, and a pair of regular gloves. I also asked about becoming a sales rep for them; the guy gave me the number of the person to talk to, and I'll probably call next week.

Sounds like a pretty cool operation... they are CUSTOM MAKING gloves for me! Like, as I write this, they haven't been made yet! How cool is that? I'll be sure to post when I have an opinion on their quality/durability. Those shit Chinese gloves that you get for about $4 a pair last me a few weeks at best. If these new gloves last 6 months or more, it will be economical to spend the extra money on them ($22 a pair).

It feels good to not be doing business with China.